My Lotus Home

Jamma’s Story

One day in March 2021, I was cuddled up in bed with my dear wife Farani in the evening before going to sleep, and she said to me, „Tell me a story, please!“ I looked inside myself and found… my story.

Once upon a time, before time even existed, there was a being. It had its home in the black lotus. It looked out of its home and saw: the stars. How wonderfully they twinkled! They seemed to want to speak to him. So he left his black lotus to look at the stars. But an invisible wall separated them. He could see them, he suspected that they were calling him, wanting to speak to him, but their language, their call did not reach him. They seemed unreachable.

So he decided to move to the other side of the wall and… incarnated.

He found himself in a body on the young, bare earth. It was nice to have a body, new and exciting. And the most beautiful thing was: he could hear the language of the stars and communicate with them. He was completely enraptured and immersed himself in dialogue with them.

The dialogue lasted a long time and he began to explore the awakening earth. He was fascinated by its countless phenomena. Life was slowly stirring, which he greeted joyfully and watched in amazement as it unfolded.

He spent eons on earth and with its phenomena. He explored all worlds, travelled to all realms. And so his lotus home gradually fell into oblivion.

Over the ages, he began to feel restless. Something was missing, but he could not say what it was. Here and there he found knowing beings or sages whose being or teaching reminded him of something. But he still could not say what. For many centuries the longing grew and he became a seeker, began to actively search for memories and teachings that gradually reawakened something in him.

One day in autumn 2010 – the word „light centre“ had called him many months before and moved him to change his place of residence – he became aware of an energy in the earth while chanting a mantra. Curious, he looked at this energy and tried to fathom what it was. After some sensing and pondering and listening, he realised: this is a black lotus! He was surprised by this realisation, because at that time he did not know how he knew that, nor what a black lotus was supposed to be at all, but the certainty remained: this is the energy of the black lotus. A little later, his teacher confirmed to him the name of his centre of light: Centre of the Black Lotus. And added „of the East.“ So his centre of light was now called „Centre of the Black Lotus of the East.“ But his search did not end there, and in the following years the meaning of the black lotus, its qualities and his connection to it were gradually revealed to him.

And it was only on that inconspicuous yet significant night in March 2021, after his dear wife had asked him, that he realised that the black lotus is his home and that he therefore carries it within himself and is one with it.

Completely moved by this realisation and the restored contact with his homeland, he decided to bring his homeland completely to earth. And he did so immediately.

Since that moment, his Black Lotus Home has been anchored on planet Earth, radiating from its centre and enveloping the Earth in its gentle, all-pervading light.

And what is it about „the East“? Well, that story has not been revealed yet.

(Sincere thanks to DeepL for the excellent translation! I warmly recommend it to anyone. This is a translation of Meine Lotusheimat, almost no changes needed.)

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